Celsius (°C) To Fahrenheit (°F)

Celsius and Fahrenheit

This calculator helps you easily go back and forth between temperature measurements in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Much of what is in literature on homebrewing and online is from the US and uses the measurement units used in the US such as Fahrenheit.

Important Temperatures

The two most important temperatures in homebrewing are mash temperature and fermentation temperature. Mash temperature for a single-infusion mash is typically around 67oC or 153oF. Fermentation temperature has greater variation with ale yeast working best at roughly 18-22oC or 64-72oF. Lager yeast, which work at a colder temperatures than ale yeast, ferment best around 8-12oC or 46-54oF. It’s best to follow the advice given by the yeast provider with regard to the particular to the strain you are using.

Celsius To Fahrenheit
Celsius (°C) To Fahrenheit (°F)